Find a Perfect Automatic Case Lining Machine from Shengtu


If you ever feel the need to buy a case-making machine then you may have noticed that a person will get confused while buying a case-making machine. This is because there are some important but complex concepts that you must know to buy a perfect case-making machine for your business.

The initial problem that you have to face is the platform where you can buy a reliable case-making or automatic case Lining Machine. It is suggested to come forward using Shengtu which is listed among the most famous and preferred platforms. You can find different case-making machines as well as lining machines here.

Automatic Case Lining Machines at Shengtu

Although you will find several case-lining machines with different specifications in the market, if you are in search of a reliable machine that doesn’t waste your money and effort then Shengtu is the best platform. You will never be disappointed in its working and fully praise the working procedure of this amazing platform.

There are about three main case-lining machines available on this platform and all of them have distinct specifications. Let us have a glance over two of the available case-lining machines.

ST040PP+MP Automatic Case Lining Machine

For pasting inside paper for cosmetic boxes, sweet boxes, electronic boxes, or cigarette boxes this type of machine is highly applicable. This machine has a speed of 2000 pcs/h that is stable but you can also choose to run it at the speed of 4000 pcs/h. In this way, the production speed will be enhanced efficiently.

The components detail of this case lining machine going to be discussed below:

  • This machine comes with a lining cam driving system that results in running the machine in a stable state and Indus way the quality of the product is ensured.
  • For avoiding the scratch on the hardcover a hardcover section system is utilized. This not only results in enhancing the quality of the product but also provides a facility to manufacture two pieces of the case at the same time.
  • To increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process as well as the speed of the system, 2 pieces of case feeding device are highly recommended.
  • The other essential piece of equipment of this machine is the gripper lining device. This lining device helps in bringing more pressing and in the production and can help in pasting two lining papers at the same time.

ST040PP Automatic Case Lining Machine

Just like the above-discussed case-lining machine, ST040PP automatic case-lining machine is also used for pasting lining paper inside the table calendar, wire-o notebooks, and other kinds of packaging boxes. It offers a stable speed of 2000 pcs/h but can be enhanced to 4000 pcs/h. By accurate positioning of the cam, this lining machine is driven.

The components detail of this case lining machine going to be discussed below:

  • The lining cam driving system contributes to running the machine in a more stable condition that results in bringing improvement in the quality of manufactured products.
  • This machine consists of a brush and creasing device that helps in refining the hardcover surface efficiently and in this way saves the coming production process.
  • This case lining machine is considered convenient as it offers standard management of spare parts and also results in improving the maintenance of the system.
  • The process of pasting two lining papers at a time is done with the help of a Gripper lining device and they can also be positioned accurately using this device.


You have heard a lot about case-making machines but you need to know about case-lining machines which are an essential component while manufacturing different cases. These machines let you manufacture any type of case having any structure easily and you can even manufacture a lid for a photo bookcase or a bookcase.


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