Which is the safest platform to FIFA 23 coins for sale and buy


FIFA is a popular, well-known football simulation video game throughout the world. Electronic Arts developed this game in 1993. Multiplayers teams play it.  The main currency used for FIFA 23 is referred to as coins.

FIFA 23 FUT Coin is another name used for the FIFA 23 coins. Different ways are adopted to get the FIFA coins. One of the most obvious ways is by playing online matches with the other players from the game. You receive a lot of coins at the end of the game. But in this case, you have to play many matches to get enough points to buy your favorite player.

In addition to getting the coins by playing games, you can also buy the coins because FIFA coins are also available for sale. Here are some authentic platforms for FIFA 23 coins for sale and buy.

FIFA 23 coins for sale at G2G

If you are looking for the cheapest and safe site for buying FIFA 23 coins, then you must prioritize the G2G. Here FIFA coins are available for sale, and you can buy the desired number of coins.

Here are the simple steps you must follow while buying FIFA 23 coins.

  1. Visit the G2G website and register your account. If you already have an account, log in to it.
  2. Enter the game name on the search bar column present at the top. Select the purchase package you want to purchase.
  3. Carefully choose a seller after reading the descriptions.
  4. Choose the required amount of FIFA 23 coins and select on Buy Now option.
  5. Then, you are asked to choose between the available delivery methods and put the information. Again click on Buy Now.
  6. Click on Pay Now after choosing your desired payment method.

How to buy Fifa 23 coins on iGV?

iGV provides many reliable services for buying online coins. They offer the two safest methods for transferring coins which are as follows.

  • Player trade
  • Safe trade

Player trade

After the completion of your payment, view at option ‘My Orders. Then click on the ‘Get Coin’ button present on the right of the order. Clicking this button will send you an email notification. You can also do your transaction by using the link in your email.

Safe Trade

After the completion of your payment, view ‘My Order.’ Fill in your authentic account details, including 5 Backup codes, EA origin password, and EA origin account. After filling in the correct information, click on ‘Submit.’  It leads to your order completion. After your order is complete, instantly change the detail of your account.

Both the methods mentioned above are used for buying coins from iGV. But the most recommended method for buying the coins is the Safe Trade.


Playing the FIFA game by selecting your team of players adds additional charm. For this purpose, you must have enough FIFA 23 coins that you can make either by playing matches or making an online coin purchase. Various online websites are available that sell FIFA 23 coins. G2G and iGV are among the cheapest and most reliable websites from where you can order your FIFA 23 coins. Following the accurate method can provide you with desired coins in the mentioned time.


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