How to Earn FIFA Coins as a Casual Player


Fifa is one of the most popular video games in the world. It’s also one of the most expensive.

So, if you’re a casual player, it can be difficult to buy fut coins in the game. However, there are many ways to earn FIFA Coins as a casual player in FIFA. Here’s how:

Play squad battles and division rivals

This is a good way to earn some coins if you’re a casual player. It’s not going to make you rich but it’s a lot better than nothing at all. You get rewarded with some coins based on your performance in these modes, so it’s worth doing whenever you have time!

Get and use coin boosts

Coin boosts can be purchased for real money or won as rewards for completing certain challenges in Career Mode. They can also be won during certain events or promotions run by EA Sports. If you have one available, use it as soon as possible! The more games you win with an active coin boost, the more money you’ll make per match played!

Look for special free packs and claim them if you can

During certain promotions, EA Sports will offer ‘free’ packs which actually cost real money but give out more items than usual when opened. These should be taken advantage of whenever possible since they’re basically giving away free

The bronze and silver pack method

This is one of the best methods to earn FIFA coins as a casual player. You don’t need to spend any money on this method but it takes time to earn enough FIFA coins from this method. This method is also called trading method or investing in packs. The only thing that you need to do is buy bronze and silver packs and open them for free FIFA coins.


Trading is the most efficient way to earn FIFA coins. You can trade with other players or with the in-game store. If you want to trade with other players, it’s best to find someone who has something you want and vice versa.

Complete SBCs

If you’re a casual player, SBCs are probably the best way to earn FIFA coins. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy-to-do SBCs available on the market at any time of day. However, it’s important to note that many of these are time-limited so if you don’t complete them in time, you’ll lose whatever rewards they offered.

Complete all possible objectives

To get more out of your games than just playing for fun, try completing as many objectives as possible during each match. This will help increase your overall rating and give you more experience points as well as FIFA coins and/or packs.


If you are a casual player, then your best chance to earn FIFA coins is to play against higher level players. You can find these kinds of opponents at the upper Tiers of FUT Draft, FUT Squad Battles, Seasons, Tournaments and at Weekend League. However, they are very hard to beat as they are more than likely playing in a better tactical formation and will outplay you with better and faster teammates.

FIFA isn’t the easiest game out there to play, especially if you don’t have great skills. You need to purchase the players you want and you need a little help getting coins fast in FIFA Ultimate Team so that can help with some of these issues.


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